It was delicious. I love Mexican food and certain regions actually do have a version of sofrito using regional ingredients, but this version sounds sort of like a variation on a Puerto Rican style sofrito ? This was really fantastic! Chicken stew Puerto Rican Pollo Guisado (Crockpot version). I want to start it at nap time and not have to work so hard at dinner time! I'm visiting your site for the first time and already became a fan..I've read so many comments about people complaining about not finding the Sazon, so I did some research and found out that u can order it from amazon and its not even expensive, only $2.99 for the pack of 20. try it out people. Thank you,Husband/Dad/Chef Extraordinaire – Kelly. I lOve my chopper! I tell everyone I know about it! This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. I would like to make this in my instant pot. This looks incredible. Trustan- yes I always buy Sazon in my supermarket. I made this for my husband last night and it filled the house with such a wonderful aroma of latin flavors! It's one of my favorite dishes!! Add the sofrito, Sazon, tomato paste, powdered chicken bouillon, oregano, water, potatoes, carrots, bay leaves and olives into […] The chicken was done and fine, I took it out turned it up to high to cook the rutabaga I added for fun instead of potato. This looks great! I'd like to make this tonight & surprise my husband. My husband saved the extra sauce for some grilled chicken that was in the refrigerator. As a short cut, you could use 1 jar (6 oz.) We prefer white meat. Is there not something else that we can use in place of it? This sounded really good until I read the ingredients for the seasoning package and noticed that coriander is in it. its a spanish season that you can get in the spanish section of your grocery. I added potatoes, capers and olives. I've been making recipes off your blog for the past month and a half now. is there a place you typically find it? Making to it and need to know thanks. My husband requests more.. so tasty and delicious! Our algorithm created the unique aromatic fingerprints of your recipe, by analysing the cooking method and food ingredients. How many cubes should I take out to make this recipe? Can I use Sazon if it's not the Tropical kind? You could still add the beer and any other additions you like to kick it up a notch. I didn’t have annatto so I used tumeric and paprika instead. Claudia Roden's recipe calls for sunflower oil, lemon juice, and small amounts of turmeric, white pepper, and cardamom[3] and little else, differentiating it from other recipes that incorporate paprika, onions, and garlic, or different spice mixes like baharat. The only thing I did differently was to brown the chicken first, remove it from the pan and then do the veggies and add back the chicken. Boneless chicken breasts would completely chancge this, I'm afraid they would get rubbery or dry. My poor husband is on Nutrisystem and looked like he was going to cry when he tasted the chicken and the beans. @Jessica, Sure, you can leave it out and use water instead. Made this last night and used 2 bay leaves instead of cilantro. I am using chicken breast since i'm on a diet…well lifestyle change lolThanks for sharing! My wife is doing WW so I'm trying to cook lighter fare for both of us. With a new infant I just skipped to the recipe and didn’t read.???? Thank you!!! Add 3 cups water, potatoes, onion, sofrito, mushrooms, tomato sauce, olives, bay leaf, and bring to … im in love! Trish, you could use Sazon instead. After about 10 minutes I added some fingerling potatoes and they were perfect with it. Next add 1 cup of wine, and your cut up potatoes and carrots. Switched out the bell pepper for poblano. This is a keeper in my house. Thank you for building your site and for sharing all of your recipes, I will definately be trying lots of them out. Just wanted to let everyone know you can get the Sazon packets at your grocery store as well! It was my first skinnytaste recipe and I am now a believer. Anon- You can throw them in a chopper to make chopping easier. No Sazon, annatto, or achiote at my grocery, either. whoops, one more thing: Peruvian aji amarillo (yellow chile) works great in this dish. I made this tonight and after we ate my husband said "I'm proud of you babe – this was awesome"! Write a review. Any beer will work, I use whatever is in my fridge. I just made this tonight and it came out so delicious!!!!! Thanks for making me look good! Sofrito Chicken Stew, skinless chicken drumsticks, slowly stewed in light beer, scallions, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers, garlic and spices. I announced triumphantly that all the dishes were WW friendly, and she was SO excited that she had been 'good' and it had felt like a splurge! Thank you! I substituted shredded chicken breast (it was what I had on hand)… and squeezed a little lime at the finish… it was amazing! The last recipe that had coriander in it, was awful. Can't wait to try this! 1 hr . It's an option, though. I just think, now more than ever, celebrating what makes our separate cultures special is very important, since both are distinct and beautiful. I love chiken stew with white rice, but in mines I add potatoes and my homemade sofrito. Thank you for a wonderful dinner. I assume one leg = 3 pts. Total Time. I make sofrito in large batches, a recipe I got from my Puerto Rican stepmom, it looks like pesto when I am done. I LOVED the broth. It's a new twist to the good old chicken meal. Sofrito is a meat (lamb, beef, chicken) stew sautéed with potatoes, garlic, turmeric, and cardamom and simmered in a small volume of water or stock with an acidic agent (sour plum juice, vinegar, or lemon juice), or braised with all these ingredients without prior sautéing. I didn't think it was possible! Would there be an adjusted cooking time using bone-in chicken breasts? I prefer to use Badia sazon because they don’t use MSG. We don't a place to by the Latin American spice in our area; do you know of something that can replace it? I made this with your homemade Sazon seasoning recipe and it was so good! Gina, I added sweet potato to thicken and jalopeno's for added heat, what an excellent dish. It originated in Sephardi Jewish communities[2] that were expelled from Spain, and was eaten traditionally by them in regions including the Balkans, the Levant, Turkey and the Maghreb. I know the seasoning is completely different but the dish was still amazing. Made this last night for my family of 4. Enjoy.. I made some brown minute rice with some baby spinach thown in for the last 5 mins of cooking.