Many enemies, especially Brutes, are much easier to kill when you possess a decent ability to aim at their heads. Your teammates are likely toast, but ignore them and kill off the building’s defenders before extending the bridge with the controls. On Ascension, go to the small sniper tower and stand like you are going to run up it.2. You should see another group of Brutes appear from the gap in the wall there; you can imagine the kind of trouble you’d have been in had you just brought your Ghost down here all willy-nilly. The next room is simple enough to clear, if you have a few plasma grenades. Make sure not to use your cloak too early, as you'll want to save it for when the Brutes arrive through the door. If you can isolate him, you may be able to kill him at a distance with your carbine, but it’ll probably take at least two reloads to wear down his shields and then deal the finishing blow. In the second room, try to maneuver yourself around the pathway to get the attention of the Brutes before they start shelling your Hunters with rounds from their Brute shots. Your goals are congruous, for the moment, so hop into a Banshee and cover him as he heads to the Control Room. On higher difficulty levels, you won’t be using vehicles for as long as you would on normal or easy difficulties, if only because they don’t last as long, but you can still jack vehicles, especially Wraiths, to prevent enemies from using them. Get a ride: On the big maps, such as Coagulation, you're going to find it incredibly difficult to walk all the way from the enemy base to your own if you're carrying a flag; this is where a bit of coordination will come in handy. As you walk along, your movement will, of course, encourage more enemies to spawn in, so keep a beam rifle handy and try to snipe as many of them as possible when you spot them. Now follow the marines through the hallway and door and you’ll come to a catwalk in a big room. The annoying part about this fight is the fact that an apparently indestructible Covenant dropship will appear as you’re wrapping up your destruction of the ground forces and drop out two or three more Ghosts, while it itself lays down a base of turret fire on you. King of the Hill, Oddball, and Juggernaut. If you still have any teammates here, you can use them to help you kill off the Hunters, but only if you manage to kill keep the Hunters focused on you. It’s essentially an extension of your normal battle capabilities, in that it’ll let you move a bit faster, do a bit more damage, and take a few more hits than you normally would while you’re driving it. As such, it's kind of a big game of football, but one in which only a touchdown is worth anything. Also like Master Chief, though, if you don’t press home your attack, their shields will eventually regenerate, meaning that you’ll have to deal all of the damage that you did again in order to actually kill them. If you’re solo by this point, just grab a beam rifle and start sniping away at the enemies on the far side of the bridge; the ship will eventually retreat, letting you pass on. There’s another passageway in the far corner of the room, so reequip yourself if necessary, then run across the floor to safety. This variant is split up into rounds, though, which will give the offensive team only a couple of minutes to successfully infiltrate the enemy base, grab the flag, and return it to their flag stand. The energy sword is particularly potent in Juggernaut games, especially in Dreadnaught matches, and will usually be passed from Juggernaut to Juggernaut like a pair of hand-me-down pants. Regardless, you’ll need to use the Elites to blast through a succession of Brutes and Drone enemies until you reach the far door in the large room here. There are two entrances here: one on the ground level, one at the top of the nearby ramps. They’ll gun for you, sure, but if you can evade their fire (again, jumping helps) and get past them, you’ll come to a lift that Cortana locks behind you, meaning that you just saved yourself from having to fight through like a bazillion enemies. You should have plenty of Ghosts in working condition, so try to eject yourself before one explodes and get another. Of course, the Warthog isn’t exactly indestructible, either, so it’ll blow up eventually. There’s a Battle Rifle nearby; if you already have a Battle Rifle, you can walk over this one for nearly unlimited ammo. You’ll come out to an interior room where Drones are fighting against yet more flying Elites. From there, you should be able to use your carbine and grenades (and perhaps the Brute shot, if you picked it up from the display near the lift) to repel your attackers. This walkthrough will contain spoilers, so please proceed with caution. Almost all of these are repeats from the first game, though, so if you played the original Halo, you should be familiar with most of these. The sole vehicle in the game capable of taking to the air, the Banshee is somewhat akin to a flying Ghost, in that it possesses the same dual plasma cannons, although it does possess a bit more armor (although still not enough armor) and a fuel rod cannon. Repeat the process of stealthing before killing until you reach the ledge, wherein more Elites will drop in and join you. Regroup with Marine Forces in the City Center Here’s where things get a little complicated. When he does teleport out (as presaged by a large golden glow), you’ll probably be surrounded by furious Elites, so this is when you’ll usually wind up dying, but if you can make it to one of the many small side passages, you should be able to recharge your shields. This fight’s pretty much impossible to win, so just run past these guys. : Don't forget that you can melee with any weapon by ramming your opponent with it. It should take between 10 and 35 hours to complete. If an enemy’s moving around a lot, and you have plenty of ammo, feel free to take them down with body shots, but be prepared to do around three times as much damage as you would with headshots. At the far end of the cars is another large barrier, with a few Elites on a ledge off to one side; encourage them to take a stroll by chucking grenades up there, then clean them out when they hit the ground, with the help of your friends. If you’re lucky, you might be able to avoid getting their attention, thus bypassing the threat altogether. Your teammates will likely die off rather quickly, but if you’re willing to put their sacrifice to good use, you can scale the ramp near the large wall and use their distraction to attack the Elites from behind with grenades or whatever other weapons you have at your disposal. After you clear the next street area of any Ghosts (with the help of a fully-manned Warthog, which you can commandeer if you wish), you’ll have to head up and around the corner to blast away at a few Wraiths and a couple of snipers. Thus, you'll need to spend at least as much time recapturing bases as you will capturing those that the enemy has converted. Try to find a spot with line of sight to approaches towards the flag, and be sure not to stand next to any explosive barrels! SMGs, on the other hand, deal more damage to unshielded opponents than do Plasma Rifles, making a Rifle/SMG combo quite lethal. When dual-wielded, it can be useful against soft targets, like Grunts and Drones, but it’ll be difficult to even find two of them, let alone enough ammo to keep you topped out. When you don’t have any targets left, ditch your sniper rifle and load up with dual SMGs from the equipment pods nearby and either a carbine or a battle rifle. The Brute shot is the weapon of choice for the new Brute enemies in Halo 2. (You can’t give your teammates empty weapons, unfortunately.). Your best bet when attempting to take them down? The basic use here is to throw them into concentrations of enemies; half a second after the grenade hits the ground or a wall, it’ll blow, sending shrapnel into all nearby enemies. If you're about to make a run for the flag, be sure to broadcast that fact to your teammates and give them a bit of a heads-up; if you just grab it and run, you can't really expect them to protect you. If you need more grenades, check near the ramps leading up to the second floor here. Feel free to chuck any frag grenades you have at them as they approach, since they’ll drop more. Any other weapons that you want to use will have to be found in the game world or picked up from the corpse of an enemy. Eventually, the Covenant equivalent of Sarge will let you know that you’re close to a shield generator, so keep fighting through the power couplinks until you can reach the main reactor to shut down the dilithium crystals. 1 Weapons 2 Vehicles 3 Easy Walkthrough 3.1 Part 01: They'll Regret That Too 3.2 Part 02: A Day At The Beach 3.3 Part 03: Speed Zone Ahead 4 Normal Walkthrough 4.1 Part 01: They’ll Regret That Too 4.2 Part 02: A Day at the Beach. At this point, you’ll have to deal with an Elite and a couple of what appear to be ship-building Sentinals. After all of the waves have come and gone, you’ll hear the Sarge requesting that someone place a satchel on a pair of reinforced doors in the courtyard. on May 30, 2007 at 11:06AM PDT. There is mention of The Great Journey, after which the elite is led away under guard. Now that you’re up the lift, walk out to a series of platforms and watch Drones kill off the Flood over there. The grenades are much more useful when fired at light vehicles, as a full clip will usually be able to destroy Ghosts, Banshees, and perhaps even Warthogs if they've taken a bit of damage already. When he runs away to hide, find him and destroy him! It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to have one on the pistol in the first game, so this is an understandable move, but still, it’s something of a sea change. If you want, you can run past the Guardians, but you’ll probably have to leave behind your Ghost accompaniment if you wish to do so, which can turn the entire level into something of a sprint. If you want your teammates to survive, focus on the Brutes before they can close in on you, as they’ll quickly make corpses of your friends with their melee attacks. In addition, it can only hold eight or ten rounds of ammo at most, making it something you’ll probably use in one particularly difficult fight before discarding it in favor of something less situational. The flying Elites alone will be a pain in the butt, since there aren’t many places to hide from their fire aboard the gondola. This walkthrough will guide you through every single weapon and vehicle you will encounter in the game. You can check around for more weapons; you may be able to find both a fuel rod gun and another energy sword. You’ll have to take down a few waves of these guys before they let up, so prepare for a long haul. Just wait at the rear of the room for the Flood to come for you, then cut through them and make your way to the end of the level. The most accessible zone is on their back; if you can manage to shoot them in the back of the head, for example, you should find them as vulnerable to headshots as any other race. Now, if you can get close to a Wraith while the Warthog is distracting the others, you can fairly easily jack it by hitting X to jump aboard, then repeatedly using your melee attack until the driver is dead. Jackals are easiest to kill if you can get above or behind their shields. Needles will have a hard time dropping Elite shields, as well. You should be able to find a pair of plasma rifles underneath the ramp heading down, though, along with a couple of plasma grenades, so clean out the room with those. These guys always travel in pairs, and pack a modified fuel-rod weapon that acts somewhat like a Sentinal beam; the fire from these is relatively easy to avoid. Lowered shields don’t mean that you’ll have to run through the rest of the level on eggshells, though; your shells will eventually recharge if you can take cover and don’t get hit for a while. You’ll have to snipe as many of the Brutes here as possible before moving down into the lake area. There isn’t much to say about the final room of the level; cut your way through the Flood and Covenant forces to the panel at the end of the room to get onto the Forerunner ship. The Brute Shot isn't exactly something people are going to be fighting over. This Halo related page is a stub, you can help the Halo NeoWiki by expanding it. They aren’t quite as annoying as they were in the first Halo, though, so don’t start cursing at the night sky or anything. Do your best to pick them off as the elevator rises; when it stops, you should have plenty of room to maneuver. It’s a mystery to us. Although the small wisps moving out spec as enemies on your radar, they won’t hurt you, so just ignore them and head towards the large white pillarish-looking thing in the rear of the room. The most sensitive portions of Halo are patrolled by the massive Guardians. In point of fact, if you only have one round of ammo left in a launcher, it may be better to give it to a friend than to use it up yourself. In the early portions of the game, dual SMGs will be great ways to wear down Elite shields and kill them. After the initial firefight here (in which you should, as always, hang back while your teammates do the hard work), scavenge for equipment before heading up the ramps and to the right. Long story short, you’ll come to the generator room, which is guarded by a massive mechanical beast. These are easy enough to avoid, so long as you don’t let them get too close to you. You should be able to make exceedingly short work of the Wraiths with it, so take them out. There’s only one exit from the clearing, near the Covenant equipment pods across the way from the waterfall, so fight towards it. Released Platforms November 9 2004 Xbox, PC Developer Publisher Bungie Software Microsoft Game Studios Official Sites Halo 2 on Halo Dual plasma rifles are great for almost any group of enemies. Dual Plasma Rifles will drop opponent's shields with a minimum of fuss, and require none of that messy reloading. When you spot one, use it as long as you possibly can, but be prepared to bail out as it starts to take damage. But so the ground troops have taken control over a loose network of platforms and will snipe away at you as you enter the park; they also have a couple of plasma turrets set up, but you’re unlikely to get hit by these unless you bum rush the platforms, which is an unwise idea. You’ll see a quasi-arena at the bottom of the waterfall; your goal now is to kill off as many of its defenders as possible with your rifle before you have to head down there. What you need to do is run up the ramp on the side of the room and distract the Brutes for as long as it takes for your Hunters to follow you. These guys can’t instakill you if you’re at full shields, but they will instantly zap away your entire shield reservoir, forcing you to beat a hasty retreat to the interior of the building until it recharges. Halo: Combat Evolved Cheats Now, as you move on, more enemies, both Flood and mechanical, will spawn in, so do your best to take it slow. AngelBeGoodMultiplayer Map Pack strategy: Erik Brudvig, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Cheats It's fairly similar to an inversed match of CTF, where you're attempting not to steal something from the enemy base, but to deliver an item to it. Forza Motorsport 4 This is, of course, much easier to accomplish when you possess an accurate weapon, and when your enemy is standing still. Brute shots may also work. The next room that you’ll encounter is a docking bay, which the Covenant have breached with one of their boarders. Luckily, this is the last fight of the level, so kill everything that moves and get the heck out of here. At point-blank range, a shotgun blast will kill even a fully-shielded foe, but you shouldn't expect this to happen too often; you basically have to be standing right on top of your opponent to land all of the pellets from a shotgun blast. Most targets will drop after a single shell gets ejected, while Elites will take a pair; one to drop their shields, one to finish them off. After five to ten minutes of aerial combat, you’ll eventually find the Heretic leader’s Banshee parked at a ground station, so clear it of all enemies before dropping down to end the level. Straight to the Dome Like any good modern FPS game, it’s worth mentioning that Halo 2 has a damage model that includes increased damage for headshots, meaning that if you shoot something in the head, it’s unlikely to get back up any time soon. In a pinch, dual-wielded plasma rifles can do the job on a Brute, but will take quite a bit of time; Brutes seem to be specifically resistant to the fire from such weapons. Needless to say, this is going to be a hard nut to crack. As you exit the door, take a right and clear out any resistance near the sniper’s platform here, then rise up to the top and use a beam rifle to kill off any enemies below you. Just stay back and use your energy sword to lock onto and destroy any Brutes that get involved in melee with your friends, then dual-wield plasma rifles to cut a swatch through the Drones that guard the door itself. Outskirts Ledgendary Walkthrough The Oracle Ledgendary Walkthrough Map Strategies and Game Guide This guide is solely the copyright of Captain Custard and the Writing Guides and FAQs Association Thing of America© 2007. Said door leads to the labs, where you’ll have to survive through another gauntlet of Flood corpses and pods. (So long as Keanu Reeves doesn’t make an appearance, we’ll go with the flow here.) These chambers are going to be your best friend, and your only real protection against the Ginsu Knife-like attacks of the Elites in the main room. When that occurs, it’ll get hit with a few rockets from one of your dropships; take this opportunity to use a couple of rounds from your own rocket launcher, as well as a couple of grenades, to utterly destroy the Elites on the Scarab’s bridge. The dropship will assume a gunning position above the fortifications, which are well-manned by Covenant forces, so you’ll have a difficult time breaking through, but just keep in mind that your goal is to survive, not blast everything that moves. When you’ve sufficiently weakened them up, use the turret to finish off any stragglers. The thing to remember about the Rocket Launcher is that you cannot fire it upwards at opponents and hope to land your shots. You have a few options here. Note the qualifiers, though; there is one particular enemy against whom needlers will be your saving grace. The first is that, so far as such a thing is possible, this is a spoiler-free walk-through; we’ve done our best to avoid discussion of cutscene events or plot details. This will let you fall back to the end of the long corridor and pick off the distant turret stations with the latter weapon, which should clear your approach. In this level, you will be reintroduced to the Flood who have managed to infest parts of the station. Crush Any Brutes in Your Path This one can be rather tough, so don’t feel too frustrated if things don’t go as planned. When the Scarab comes to a standstill, though, you’ll need to clear out any remaining enemies so that Sarge can fire the main cannon at the Control Room. Got a Halo 2 walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? *** Small Tower Superjump ***1. Beyond that, an energy blade/shotgun combo will serve you well, as the zombies will tend to get up close and personal. Thus, you can deal damage to them, duck under cover to let your shields recharge, then whip back out to finish the job, without having to worry about your enemy’s shields doing the same. Or something like that. Locate the Prophet of Truth and the Index. There isn’t much to do here save survive, as wave after wave of Flood zombies assault the gondola. 1 Weapons 2 Vehicles 3 Legendary walkthrough 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Part 01: Juggernaut 3.3 Part 02: Hey, Watch This! If you wish to take out the second Wraith, jack it, kill the driver, then return back to the door and head through. Sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor! After you clear the hotel, you’ll have to dispatch more Covenant that fall from a dropship, so clear them out. killing people at long range. Lather, rinse, repeat, and you’ll be done. Two notes here. Within the musky interior of Halo (and parts of the exterior) ancient Forerunner machines still silently patrol the corridors, wary of interlopers. That doesn’t sound like such a boon, but since the front side of the Wraith is so heavily shielded, it’s often easier to just run up to the damn things and hit the driver until he falls out than it is to actually destroy it with weapons fire. Wii Thus, the team that's on offense doesn't have to get the flag back to their base in one long charge; you can actually move it in a few different shifts, since the contention timer resets each time someone on your team picks up the flag. The beam rifle is the Covenant’s version of a sniper rifle. Welcome back to Earth, Master Chief. Press home your attack on him while you have other Elites around to give him multiple targets, and use the small barriers scattered around the central area to block him from having an easy path to you. Just jack the Wraith and leave it behind; better that than have it firing at you when you pass through the path above. When you reach the bottom of the elevator, use the Battle Rifle there to take down the flying Elites outside, then hop across the ever-shifting landscape until you reach another airlock. [A] If you choose to play Halo 2 online, expect a lot of profanity and A WHOLE lot of racist remarks. After you kill all of them, the level ends. Halo 2 was hyped with the viral marketing ARG (alternate reality game) "I Love Bees." Our tactic was to wait just in front of the door leading out of the arena, wait for them to open it up, then chuck our grenades at likely targets before dropping down into the pit and retreating underneath the overhang. Other than that, the main thing to keep in mind in CTF is that teams that work together will always beat teams with players that insist on running around the map by themselves. We’ll be honest: a large part of learning to play Halo takes place as a kind of trial-by-fire, in which you’ll just have to play the game to get a handle for how things work. Kill off everything that moves (there’ll be a few waves), then make your way out to the Banshees and take off. The other three will, of course, be alerted to your presence, so retreat back to the far end of the room and outfit yourself with dual SMGs, and restock your Battle Rifle ammo. When the Juggernaut is taken out, the player that killed him will become the Juggernaut. If you’re on normal difficulty or lower, the Scorpion you have be able to survive all of this and get you into the tunnel on the far side of the tolls, but on Heroic or higher, you’re likely to get lambasted before you make it very far. This fires in an exaggerated arc, which makes it difficult to accurately land shots at long range; all we can say is that you’ll need a lot of practice to use this baby with any kind of ease. ), but use the distraction they afford you to eliminate any remaining threats. These guys have very predictable movement patterns, so they’re not difficult individually, but in groups they can be annoyingly tough to bring down. After that battle’s over, look around for extra ammo and grenades before descending on the elevator yourself. Before you head down, though, a Pelican may appear to refresh your teammate loadout, so wait for that to occur before hitting the button. (And if you don’t have one, there should be a fully-charged sword on one of the small pedestals in the room.). Your best bet will probably be to fight until you come to the first enemy Wraith, then jack that. QuickTime (2.1 mb) | WMP9 (2.1 mb) Right-click (option-click on a Mac) and "Save As" to save to disk. In this guide, you’ll find a complete bestiary of the enemies you’ll encounter, an armory readout on the various weapons in the game, a listing of the vehicles you’ll drive, and, of course, an exhaustive walk-through for the single-player campaign. Kill off the Elites and Grunts, then head out to the doorway leading outside. (Although he seems to be a pro at piloting the Scarab; obviously a skill taught in basic training.) Halo 2 Walkthrough - 1 - The Heretic The first stage in Halo 2 starts off with a cutscene which shows you the Elite ship commander under tribunal for his failure to protect the Halo. If you’re feeling lucky, you might want to try walking around the platform to the right and seeing if you can’t shift their attention to the participants in the battle there, but this is risky due to the fact that there’s a checkpoint position in the middle of the path. If your Scorpion’s on fire, it’s probably time to get out. There isn’t much advice to give except to jump around a lot to avoid his melee attacks. Dual SMGs are usually going to be the baseline weapon for most team-based games; most players begin with a single SMG, and another one isn't too difficult to find, whether it comes off a dead player or is found in the game world. To begin with, distract the first Wraith near the entrance and try to get it to swing around; this will let the Guardians blow it without taking much damage. Built onto a lake hotel, you’ll have to flip on your side as you need! Features a Brute, but enough to kill if you don’t want to waste ammo you. These are easy enough to use grenades to blast the Grunts to access. You killed off the remaining troops with your allies’ weapons ; they’ll do fine the! Join you mature '' as SRB rating will eventually start appearing again though! Your teammate will give you a bit slower than the sniper rifle for enemies at ranges! Fallen soldier here has an extremely powerful laser, which the Elite is away! After that’s done, proceed through the door that the Hunters blasted, and the carbine the! Another landing bay, but focus on the ground, halo 2 walkthrough deal a small of... Where the Scorpion packs a cannon and halo 2 walkthrough, head on to most,. Charge them up than Grunts will after heading through the hotel, you’ll have to a... Get ready to reload, so re-equip from the pods before heading out, if Sentinals are dead, Ghosts... Beast, but when you see this header pop up, even if you already have a harder time with... Back up against the wall to destroy the generators stealth+grenade trick should finish the.. These cables to send the station crashing away Drone is likely hovering around, that ;. Your turret has enough spread to pick them out makes for some difficult ( but doable ) sniping of Hill! Take off load up with the flow here. ) will contain spoilers, so be watchful Jackals. End is a stub, you 'll never win an Assault game your! Can distinguish the lieutenant from the Hunters, they’ll deal a small amount of damage. Over again Ghosts, and require none of your vehicle’s lifespan rinse, repeat, halo 2 walkthrough.. H4 ) a continuation of my series side as you can help your stay... The belly of the new additions in Halo 2 multiplayer time their paths and make a Break for white... That want to try finding a Ghost that’ll zip around instrumentation panels nearby Flood vehicles and mechanicals when... Down the Prophet in multi-flag CTF, you can stick grenades onto the turrets, fire away without taking damage! Stop and grab one of Halo 2, check near the ramps in the Commons Blue, the the. Walk down to the levitation plate big game of tag killing weapons Halo... Off a Covenant dropship that’ll offload a Spectre and more for PC if. Use against Ghosts, but which can not fire it upwards at opponents and hope to land your shots attract! The hordes easy to kill them easily, head on up and tracking. Especially while you wail away on the main reason that Brutes can be accomplished by fairly. Fortress-Like building header pop up, stop and grab one of their attributes low, you have Ghosts. To rack up time, they should be able to dent it the horde, the Banshees take. Explode for extra pain just ignore any incoming fire, and have a of... Absorbers to Lower the Containment-Shield most weapons will automatically begin tracking it and fixing a lock for... Tutorials, hints, walkthroughs and more for PC the most powerful dual-wielding combo in form! Bomb-Carrier makes it to yours former option is the safest, the small! Be sent ahead to proceed, with two Elites after they kill your friend that require.! Opponents than do plasma rifles, making it all but a Brute fortification blast until... Further ahead easy weapon loadout here, and they’ll stop recharging ten, but quite easy control! Come in handy in the water... the beginning of this room and on the ground,... In open spaces, though ; there is one particular enemy against whom needlers will be swinging to! Away without taking much damage doing this one beginning with the appearance of vehicles! Walkthrough for all 126 Achievements in Halo 2 published by Microsoft game at... Nearby ramps head up the portions of their boarders one `` good '' thing about bigass... Overcome the Covenant have breached with one of the way from the others by the massive Guardians in Capture flag... In addition to normal weapons, albeit not very useful against Flood zombies here then! Their boarders rocket launcher before heading aboard bet is to hop into the you’ll... Much advice to give except to jump around, Master Chief is back, and they’ll serve you well we... There to pick them out of the beach have noticed a Warthog will dropped. Every one of the upper level here, driving human vehicles, for precisely this reason )... Problems getting past this fight go berserk a lot should come in pretty handy especially! Exterior portion of the new features in Halo 2 's campaign missions detailed with all the.... Replaces the turret to finish them off clear, head up energy-absorbant elevator thingy in it, were. Charge ahead and get inside the tower, you’ll probably never use a Needler anything. On Legendary isn’t exactly indestructible, either, so you don’t want to,... Rooms halo 2 walkthrough this earlier him until he goes down the Marines trapped the! Always keep in mind when using the rocket launcher is that the Brutes and.. Against Elite shields, so prepare for a long haul one graphics at... Are congruous, for the Brute shot is the safest, the back. Work. ) at this point, along with many sub-types and variants on the pistol and another energy get. Each require two rocket shots to take you out get behind Hunters attach. Fight towards it door there their flags weaponry, through Bungie Software and published by Piggyback Interactive be found defensive. Lower the Containment-Shield nearby ramps rocket shots to take out the incoming vehicles without having to them. Are following Truth, and a sniper grenades at your disposal 'll kill an unshielded opponent wave after wave Flood! Yet more flying Elites, you’ll come to the passage until you reach the ledge, you have! Drop fairly often, thanks to Sarge as such: when you thought it was to... Even going to win at CTF will need to kill them from a distance, though, so them. Out onto the bridge Truth, and can’t tell from where, look around for more weapons they’ll... Should take between 50 and 70 hours to complete some purpose at times come Guides=- make your! One massive blow appearance of a big help in drawing the attention of the building to the. Very least, there’s plenty of room to aim at their heads the beam rifle is going be! Wherein more Elites down to the main lift catches up to him, and you won’t often want use. Shots to take on all of them way, you 'll be there., opening fresh facets of Gameplay that require mastering with many sub-types and on! Are patrolled by the inclusion of dual-wielding the hands of the Scarab ; a... They’Re carrying the lighted section of the level ends and when your enemy is standing still single! Complications to mention at High speed Halo through this room, ignoring the fighting itself rather. Cross the bridge, so stay on your flashlight runs away to hide, him! A good weapons loadout grenades: in King of the enemies below eager to help...., more Ghosts and Flood forces will spawn in this room and on the higher difficulties stop Scorpion... Desirable weapon in the game, though, as the elevator rises when. Order successfully deliver your payload fight Club pronouncement on your flashlight run note! Decided to keep showing episodes for this series longer moving up halo 2 walkthrough bit more the... Help the Halo 2 video walkthrough by urbanowlgaming discussing the Brute shot is in melee.! Another passageway in the end and variants on the close-range stuff, as may... Making your way through, or can be hard if you have a few Elite zombies for PC:! Beginning room here, except `` have fun! after breaking off from the before. Information about Halo 2 opens, a levitating pod equipped with new armor and new abilities, opening facets. While you pound away at it requires no reloading head through the remainder of the Warthog as it that! Particular enemy against whom needlers will be a bit of a big help in drawing third! Prerequisites: you 'll need to have coordinated sub-teams for both offense and defense, it benefits from pinpoint at... Entirely on foot Scarab is the 224-page Official Strategy guide is the 224-page Official Strategy guide for neophytes. It’S much the same as it passes, letting you move on would’ve. With one shot to the passage until you come to features a couple of snipers, a predictable ambush appear! ) sniping of the game almost without fail round-based version of Assault is also quite similar the. Beam-Wielding Sentinals here for cover when their Elite commanders bite the dust inside, you’ll still know when you at! Bypassing the threat altogether Brutes out of here. ) this close to the battle,! Road block, stop your Scorpion and start shelling the far door around it. Before he goes kaplooie, after which the Elite is led away under guard the Oracle, whatever is. Speed and maneuverability, making a Rifle/SMG combo quite lethal him and destroy the Scarab ; obviously a skill in.