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This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. I use it all the time and keep finding new ways to incorporate it into my dishes – most recently with pigeon and chorizo on the menu in my new London restaurant.’, ‘A national icon, and in my opinion the best meat to cook with. The throat is one of the most sought-after parts of a cod, and the salt-cured technique was a delicious revelation.’, ‘Knives, graters, iron scissors – the lot. 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper. Save Pin. I came across one in Saint-Antoine market with whole walnuts going through the middle of it. This is aged for at least 25 years and is one of three protected balsamic recipes. I have brought plates, bowls and mugs back home because you can't beat this place.'. It’s banned in hotels and on airplanes because of the stench, but it’s a flavour that everyone should try at least once. Salumi was my favourite find. The urchins were so fresh – straight from the sea – served with just a dash of salt. Neither acidic, sweet nor juicy, it’s rich and custard-y and the more you eat the less likely you are to stop.’, ‘The northern Spanish tradition of cocktail-sticked bar snacks is brilliant. My aunt had a copy that I used to pore over when visiting her. There’s a massive menu with all sorts of Asian flavours, but the Vietnamese bánh xèo pancakes have to be my favourite.’, ‘The Coffee Jar is at the end of my road in Camden. It's the type of restaurant where you could stay for half an hour or half a day, and the food is creative and delicious. We decided to try and take action by incorporating them on the restaurant menu and discovered they have a subtle taste a bit like raspberries mixed with watermelon.’, ‘The shape of Taiwan looks exactly like a sweet potato, and the best ones come from my hometown. Need I say more? “It makes everything taste better. It’s black, hot and sexy. Open my cookie preferences. ', ‘I lived in San Sebastián for two years and will never forget when I tried kokotxas de bacalao, grilled over grape vines and washed down with local wine. Rhett Brinkley. An instant reminder that you've arrived at the seaside. It makes every reader's trip to the city a foodie adventure. You can serve it cold, like Champagne, or warm, like tea. Ne Andró Lontana, sung by Maria Callas. My favourite way to bake them is in unkilned red clay mixed with all kinds of fresh herbs. I usually get them from Le Grand Hôtel, but there are lots of specialist shops selling them across the city. Runny spiced custard, brittle caramel and a light, crisp pastry. It's the combination of the solidity of the wood with the steel; grating good Parmesan with this is magic. There was an exhibition showcasing different artisans from around Japan and I bought some incredible bottles that we now use in the restaurant to serve our non-alcoholic drinks pairing from.’, ‘These are only in season in months with the letter “R”, but they have a wonderful, meaty flavour. The best is made with anchovies and other fish as well as soybeans. I love how chilli is added to scrambled eggs in huevos a la mexicana. The taste is incredible: similar to cured meat but without being brined or salted, which means you get the lamb's true flavour. It's something so difficult and takes so long to learn or explain: it's the attitude and respect for food in this country and its culinary traditions that are present in my thoughts every time I light a fire. It's so light because it is made with hardly any flour. At a secret spot in Osaka called Ichimatsu, there are only six seats and you’re served by chef Hideto Takeda, whose grilling technique is perfection.’, 'You know I like chillies, right? ‘These full-bodied Spanish red sea urchins are only in season in the winter months, but they are marvellously tasty, with such an incredibly creamy texture and delicate flavour of the sea.’, ‘Traditionally used in Chinese herbal remedies and the odd stir-fry, the little-known lily bulb is actually a great vegetable. ', 'I lived in Paris for a while when Richard was building the Centre Pompidou and I still use lots of French ingredients. 1/2 c sour cream. Tropea onions, chopped. The mix is folded and flattened many times, then fried in a steel pan to make a bread with a multitude of layers. They come in red and green, and are spicier than amarillos – I use them in ceviche.’, ‘This shop in the centre of Paris is crammed with all sorts of beautiful small pots and pans. ', 'Not edible, but I allow myself one a day when grilling meat for hours or after dinner. I source mine off the coast of Brittany and use it to cook, cure, marinate, clarify and make jelly.’, ‘I probably love soy sauce because I love salt. It’s known for its pale pink colour and intense flavour – I add it to dried airampo fruit, pictured centre.’, ‘Last year I went to cook at Christopher Kostow’s restaurant. ', 'These are my guilty pleasure - caramel wafers, tea cakes and caramel logs - all made by Tunnock's in Glasgow. Take, for example, the answer Pierre Koffman of Koffman’s in London gave: salt. The combination of sunshine and smoky flavours is incredible.’, ‘It may sound simple but a great feta that’s been marinated in olive oil and dry herbs tastes fantastic and brings so much to dishes. Every shop in this tiny mountainside village is full of pork fat! The stem of this green tea is roasted rather than steamed, which makes it very special. Marco Pierre White of Corsham England’s Rudloe Arms was in agreement about the salt thing, but added his own favorite to the mix: butter. That’s like asking a musician to pick their favorite note! Dash of vanilla, about a scant 1 tsp ', 'It's made by a stingless bee that only survives in warmer climates. Portetta’s outdoor terrace bar – ‘Fire and Ice’. ‘Agrumes Bachès near Perpignan has to be one of the best addresses for citrus in the whole world. It was then whisked away and cooked in a very hot oven while the butter was hand-churned under my nose. From Julia’s iconic Beef Bourguignon to Marcus Samuelsson’s gourd-geous spin on Latin street food, we’re hoping you fall for at least a few of these awesomely autumn recipes. Le Jardin and Terrasse des Epices are my top restaurants in the city. I serve hojicha during the four-flavour tofu-cream dessert tasting - matcha, chocolate, rum and raisin and pistachio - at my new Bangkok restaurant Mihara Tofuten. I’d never encountered anything like it – intense and caramelised, both creamy and with a fermented tang. It’s always fun finding out what professionals like best within their field of expertise. I like to think you can taste the lust and pride of the hills of this ancient country in every sip of the elegant wine, which is mostly made with Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.’, ‘On my way from Hanoi to Halong Bay, I bought a bag of traditional floating-rice seeds, which are grown in the acid-sulfate and saline soil of the flooded fields of the Mekong Delta. It always reminds me of home.’, Keep scrolling for more pictures of the most incredible dishes from the chef's restaurants, The 50 best restaurants in the world 2018, Dish from Portetta, Angela Hartnett's restaurant. On . A Danish biologist friend encouraged me to try them fried with garlic. This year I added salted egg yolk to a sweet-potato dish – it was delicious.’, ‘I have to admit, I get a kick out of charcoal. You can buy it at Manteigaria Silva, a brilliant deli in Lisbon that has been around for more than 125 years.’, ‘Sit at the counter bar in La Medusa 73 at indoor market Ninot for the finest seafood in the Med. I’ve never experienced such a sharp knife – it slips through loaves like butter.’, ‘My mother gave me a large chopping board seven years ago, made from local pinewood. The World's 50 Best Restaurants of 2019: the full winners list, Our expert travel insiders share their favourite places in the world, The best restaurants in the world according to Jessie Ware, Yotam Ottolenghi's favourite restaurants in the world, Osteria Francescana's Massimo Bottura: interview, Virgilio Martínez's restaurant: Mil, Peru. If I could carry it back to London with me I would treasure it dearly.’, ‘This soft sheep’s cheese, made in the Serra da Estrela mountain range, is buttery with just a hint of maturity. And that’s exactly why we love chefs — because they all prefer different things, and they all know how to craft incredible dishes in spite of those preferences. Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin, US. The plums grown by our friend Ed Suij at Smiling Dog Farm are a pleasure to cook with.’, ‘Thai food has to be some of my favourite in the world – it’s colourful and intense, and goes from sweet to sour to spicy. People get confused with Barolo and balsamic, but Barolo is very different – it isn’t so sweet but much sharper. At the restaurant we make a simple anchovy, olive-oil and rosemary pasta which is delicious. I love it. The only people who can tell which ones are poisonous are the Yanomami tribe. But they’re proven to give you a bit of a lift, so it’s all good.”, Are you ready for some weird ones? Don Bocarte are my favourite: they're generously sized, delicate, subtle and intense, all at the same time. I make really interesting savoury chutneys with its seaweed.’, ‘There's a traditional brewery in Fushimi called Sawaya Matsumoto that was founded in 1791. Fabulous.’, ‘The first time I ate bomba short-grain rice I freaked out. It’s a great replacement for lemon or vinegar and I use it in all sorts of dressings and sauces.’, ‘I’d been told that I had to order this dish from the restaurant Al Fassia in advance and thank goodness for the tip. You can’t beat salted pork ribs slow-cooked over the asador in summer. ; Geoffrey Zakarian's recipe was my favorite thanks to the kick from the spicy ginger beer. Ingredients. It's shaped like a clam, with two domed halves, and the best ones are made from copper. ', 'Mexican cooking is often perceived as complex, but when I first visited the country, I was surprised by how light and delicate the flavours are. At the River Cafe we cook with Italian Castelluccio lentils, but at home we have Puy - in the summer, I add mozzarella, olive oil and herbs and in the winter, beef and mustard. “I am actually addicted,” he said. The udder isn’t normally cooked – it contains raw milk bacteria so usually goes to waste, but prepared in a certain way it’s safe to eat. ', ‘I first saw these humbug-striped tumblers by Marie Brandolini years ago at a friend’s house. INGREDIENTS 4 tbs sourdough croutons, cut ¼’ cubes. I would choose it over beef any day. It’s also great as a base for spicy laksa soup.’, ‘Unlike sweet things, salt is underrated by a lot of people. ', 'Every November we take a group of chefs to Italy to see the olive oil being made for the cafe. My favourite is a small handmade brass grater for zesting citrus.’, ‘There’s this pulled cheese from Oaxaca that’s a bit like mozzarella and I ate it every day when I was in Mexico. ', 'These seriously delicious sausages are made by hand every day in this small store in Chinatown called Sun Ming Jan. It’s flavoured with chicken wing garum, a liquid that tastes a bit like all those sticky bits you find at the bottom of the roasting dish.’, ‘This chilli has a fruitiness that’s similar to a bell pepper, and it’s that vegetable note, with the heat, that I’ve never found in any other. I use charcoal to infuse oils and bake a sort of doughy bread. ', 'Once a year we go to Marrakech and eat a lot of couscous - a simple vegetable version with carrots, leeks and harissa sauce is the best. Rocco DiSpirito's Lavender Crème Brûlée. I do it anyway: I like to make fun out of these sorts of rules - in fact, I'll make sure I do something unconventional, like mixing them with mango. It serves one menu every night – somewhere around the 20-course mark, and I walk away inspired and a little humbled. Yes, they’re expensive but they’re versatile and worth it. It's associated with seafood, but you can use it to smoke almost anything. They look like a perfect little blueberries, and that sweet mouthful is unforgettable.’, ‘My wife and I roast a chicken every Sunday, and from the bones we cook a big pot of stock which we drink during the week. Once upon a time, I went to culinary school and worked in fancy restaurants. View All Start Slideshow. This plant-based version of … When it comes to an outstanding experience, this cliffside cabin tops everything else. While I don’t really cook with Thai ingredients, I’m amazed by the contrast of flavours. See which amazing chefs have shared their best recipes and see what you can cook I brought some seeds back from Pamalican Island to grow my own. From Michelin stars to Top Bistros you won’t run out of great options to serve up a fantastic meal for your friends or family. One night in Lima at Maido, a Nikkei restaurant (a Peruvian-Japanese style of cooking), I ate a menu completely matched to an incredible array of pisco-based cocktails. It was a real eye-opener to see how different tea culture is in China, where little is added. If you sous-vide and then bake it, it can be grated like cheese. Anchovies are also brilliant on top of a Dover sole, or as a sauce for monkfish. I’ve always been curious about Napa Valley cooking – when I first started out I was looking at books from chefs like Thomas Keller. I feel it has so many dimensions and you can really appreciate it when using real seawater. 1 kg. It works on pretty much anything instead of salt.’, 'Pidapip6 is the most wonderful ice-cream shop. A few chefs from across the country share their favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, and the picks include a jazzed-up gravy and two ways to update seasonal sweet potatoes. He used to eat it in secret until my mother caught him, age nine, spoiling an impeccable flat cut as he attempted to slice the leg on his own.’, ‘Made from fermented soy beans, tempeh has such a delicious earthy flavour and it’s even healthier than tofu. Translated as “beef tenderloin in a towel”, it’s a steak dish cooked with tons of sea salt, then wrapped in a rag and thrown on a fire.’, ‘The sexiest thing in the country has to be the creamy pumpkin-flower soup. If only we could all cook with the creativity and expertise of a celebrity chef. Print + Digital We have four different producers, in Chianti and just outside Florence. The food here is the most exciting and modern in the country.’, ‘Singapore is the street-food capital of the world. I wish I could eat them every Friday night at home, with a cold Somos Libres pale ale.’, ‘You can see acres of artichokes from the sky as you land at Jauja Airport in central Peru. It's a very traditional restaurant where the meat comes from free-range gaucho cows in the Pampa province. “The original play was on a French panisse cake,” says Preserve chef Brian Cieslak of this recipe. 1/2 pound fingerling potatoes It’s sweet, sour, crunchy, resh and very unusual tasting. ', 'I met my husband [the architect Richard Rogers] in the 1970s, and the knives and forks he had were by the furniture designer Arne Jacobsen. We always approve of butter, especially when it’s combined with salt. Tasting the Indonesian variety made me want to develop tempeh using one of the best ingredients we have in Catalonia: the Santa Pau white bean. The ideal way to understand the beauty of Japanese ceramics is to visit the town. It does a beautiful range of napkins and tablecloths, all in natural linen, in the prettiest colours. Oolong was also a taste revelation for me and has formed the basis of lots of my dishes.’, ‘Ever since I discovered this exotic verbena, I add it to all sorts of recipes to enhance the flavours. The results are very exciting.’, ‘A fruit of the cactus family, prickly pears are actually considered an invasive weed and have been threatening other plant species on the coast of Cap de Creus in the region for a long time. They have a very classic, elegant design - they're flat, and the knives are just one piece of steel with a matte finish that's not ostentatious at all. ', ‘Mexican truffle, or huitlacoche, is basically a deformed corn spike infected with a fungus that produces dark and swollen grains. ', ‘The DNA of Peruvian cuisine is yellow chilli, the aji amarillo, but for our London restaurant I get limo peppers from near Madrid. Pork Belly Sauce. They use the herb a lot there in stews and meat marinades. There’s one, I think it’s called chicken-salad mix, which is fiery and has plenty of cardamom – delicious.’, ‘I adore browsing the stores and markets in Fez. I bought a copy of his cookbook on my way out – it has phenomenal pictures but sadly I can’t read it as it’s all in Swedish.’, ‘This has to be the smelliest fruit in the world. I love the set-up so much I had one made for my house. Oolong is rich and umami-flavoured, and kind of earthy – it works well in stocks.’, ‘This Caribbean fruit is green and spiky on the outside, with white flesh inside – a little like a lychee but with a tinge of vanilla. 1 tbsp minced ginger. They’re a real treat. Chef Shirley’s Chung’s Zhajiang Mian from Ms. Chi Café in Culver City. 20 leaves basil, chopped into thin julienne strips. I’ve got so many utensils that I’ve picked up in Tokyo’s Kitchen Town (Kappabashi-dori). You can find it all over the country sprinkled on tacos and melted in quesadillas. Chef Giuseppe Iannotti’s mother cooked it for me at his restaurant Kresios in the Benevento province of Italy, near Naples. Understated but elegant, it brings a smile to your face whether you’re in a fancy restaurant or a tiny family-run joint. I’d never seen these funny round-but-pointy peppers before, and I really enjoyed their fruity flavour. Take some good bread, toast it and top it with avocado or tomato before finishing with an anchovy. November 23, 2020 2:47 pm. It has such a brilliant and intense oceanic flavour, it’s like a cross between a sea urchin and an oyster.’, ‘Grown in wild regions of northern Peru, this white cocoa bean has the most refreshing flavour of any cocoa I’ve tasted. Locals sit outside coffee shops wrapped in blankets even though it’s -4°C. ', 'The best potatoes and tubers in the world are the ones from farmer Edilberto Soto Tenorio in the Andes. We Asked Some Of Our Favorite Chefs To Dish On Their Three Favorite Ingredients. I recommend the ones made with duck liver and a touch of gin - simply unforgettable. Wherever I travel around South Asia, I buy ramen, Indian noodles, Maggi noodles. Just be prepared to get messy.’, ‘I came across this cheeky, deep-fried, street-food snack during a trip in Salvador’s Pelourinho. Seafood and vegetables are skewered and then slow-cooked over hot charcoal; it is completely different to how we cook in Spain – it’s fantastic.’. The traders will teach you all about the person behind each blade - making the object even more special. 4 eggs. They’re sweet and aromatic and carry an intense taste which works wonderfully in chupe de camarones – a traditional prawn chowder.’, ‘The batán consists of a large, moon-shaped boulder and flat grinding stone, which are used like a pestle and mortar to blend ingredients. It’s light and silky, and delicious with ox stew or on its own.’, ‘The sediment, or lees, left over from sake production can be made into a yeasty cooking paste. Arkansas chefs offer favorite recipes. It's slightly spicy and a little bit buttery, with this nutty aftertaste. They are unique to Portugal and Spain, truly outstanding – a cross between lobster and clam.’, ‘Every great chef I have ever met has given me an incredible recipe. It works very well as an emulsion in my signature pudding, The White Millefeuille, where I cover flaky pastry layers in a cube of vanilla cream.’, ‘This neighbourhood is filled with memories for me – I first came here when I was in my 20s – but Gjelina was recommended to me more recently by a friend. I bought some for myself, but love them so much that we now use them at Spring. To this day many old heirloom trees remain, lots of them untamed at this point. Pasta with vegetarian “Bolognese” sauce. Luckily, chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Executive Chef Steve Benjamin revealed one of their signature frittata dishes made with corn, sourdough, and smoked bacon. For me, it’s the umami of South Africa.”, Surprisingly, chefs didn’t overlap too much with their opinions, though Ruth Rogers of London’s River Cafe and Michel Roux Jr. of Le Gavroche, also in London, did both speak favorably of lemons. I buy them from Spain's Conservas Ortiz - they're caught on a rod and line from the Bay of Biscay. When I was in the USA I spotted that Alice Waters uses its stuff, and then I saw it at Tartine restaurant too - so it's definitely up there. by: E.S. Welcome to CN Traveller. Love Food Network shows, chefs and recipes? Chefs are the barometer by which we judge food trends, including what new ingredients are popular, what techniques are cutting-edge, and what cuisines are the next big thing. My very favourite pintxos place in San Sebastián is Bar Txepetxa – they serve an incredible array of anchovies.’, ‘My team would never forgive me if I returned from Bordeaux without these small French pastries. It’s unique. I needn’t have worried – the queues outside the bakery are not for nothing – this is the croissant that should act as the prototype for all others.’, ‘Eating outside always makes food taste better and I love the central garden at Quán An Ngon in Hanoi. The yellow sauce is rich and tangy. My very good friend Gianni Franzi owns a restaurant there and the dish I usually order is fritto misto, with squid, shrimp and anchovies. And it's this fact, along with their indescribable smoky flavour, that I find so intriguing. “It’s essential for all seasoning, be it fish, seafood, crustacea or vegetables,” he said. ', 'This crazy ingredient is extracted from a wild root in the Amazon jungle. 1/4 c shredded Cheddar cheese. The experience instructors there have shared some of their favorite recipes to help brush up your own cooking skills. ', 'One of the most talented chefs in the world, Albert Adria, makes this sandwich for his tasting menu at Tickets in Barcelona - homemade bread that's like a muffin, stuffed with braised pork jowl marinated with Spanish flavours. Prik jinda chillies are incredible – the hotter the better.’, ‘Lisbon is the best city; I always buy fish in olive oil to take home. I use it with risotto, pasta or any rich, creamy, butter-based plate.’, ‘Truffles are right up there with my top ingredients. It works brilliantly whether braised for stew, fried in a wok or simply grilled.’, ‘Citrus fruits are the most useful ingredient in the kitchen – I use them with everything – and for me, yuzu is the king of the family. Where Does Griselda Records’ ‘Conflicted’ Rank In The History Of Rap Record Label Movies? ', 'Although I usually eat with my hands, I do have fancy chopsticks that are thin, light and very comfortable. The slow-roasted lamb, cooked in the women-only kitchen, was beyond melt-in-the-mouth perfection.’, ‘Rare is the day that I don’t use my lemon squeezer. ‘I will never forget the first time I had a 25kg cod fish from the icy waters of a town called Ilulissat. It’s messy but finger-licking good.’, ‘The plátano con queso at Restaurant Andrés Carne de Res in Chia, near Bogotá, could make you cry with joy, but its lomo al trapo is something else. ... who told us their personal favorite ingredients to … The village of El Palmar in Valencia is the most brilliant spot to try it as it’s the home of paella.’, ‘There are so many wild food species in Australia that this guide is a hugely helpful insight. More. Here's the next best thing: cooking favorite or signature recipes of nearly two dozen celebrity chefs, from Emeril Lagasse's shrimp, okra, and tomato gumbo, to Rocco DiSpirito's lavender crème brulee. I came across them during our restaurant’s first world tour. It's fast and delicious and contains Thai basil, garlic, chiles, fish sauce, and ground pork. Each hive produces less than one litre a year so it's very precious. If I could steal the whole Icelandic café culture, I would. If miso is the taste of Japan, tucupi is the taste of Brazil.’, ‘The sea produces all sorts of good memories for me, but there is one thing in particular that I’m always on the lookout for: percebes gallegos, or Galician barnacles. The most famous chefs in the world give the lowdown on the supplies they covet from around the world, from Ottolenghi's secret ingredient for sauces to Réne Redzepi's tip for the best … The flavour is really interesting – sweet and nutty like fenugreek, but a lot more subtle – it’s almost hay-like.’, ‘The ones from The Ginger Pig are utterly irresistible. It’s so distinct it’s instantly recognisable.’, ‘In the northern parts of the region the Sámi people eat reindeer. It’s full of regional diagrams, which are very useful – frankly I’m not sure what I’d do without it.’, ‘I found a gallery selling really beautiful hand-blown glassware when I was in Kyoto. Bird's-eye chillies are fresh, tasty and hot, and I get them from Pak Khlong Talat, one of the most famous markets in Bangkok. ', 'These huge sea urchins, from a small area in the Pacific Ocean south of Peru, are just incredible. Rogers says of the fruit, “They’re lovely at this time of year. You can buy them in most quality delis and markets. I visit Florence Samson's Song Fang Teahouse whenever I'm in the city and never fail to spot something new. It's worth visiting Vuelta Abajo, where you can see women roll tobacco leaves grown in rich, red soil along the bumpy roads. It was recommended to me as a must-visit in Melbourne. I bought a range of fantastic pasta-cutters handmade in brass and wood. We’ve covered the topic before, but Bloomberg came out with a new list, asking a whole bunch of famous chefs to narrow down their favorite ingredients to cook with to just one. I can't imagine a bite without a chilli pepper: it's the most important ingredient in the world. They add some much-needed colour – just looking at them gives me pleasure.’, ‘Before opening Spring, I took a research trip to San Francisco and bought a cocoa pod from Dandelion Chocolate, a bean-to-bar factory and café in the Mission District, and decided it should be our lucky charm. It’s pure comfort food for me and I’ll often go there with my laptop to work.’, ‘I once found some beautiful plates with oyster surfaces in a market in Chiang Mai. Cook the dishes that your favorite chefs from around the world serve in their restaurants. 2 large eggs, carefully cracked into small bowl. It’s a spicy sauce made with dried chillies and is delicious with sandwiches and cold meats. I bought so many things when I was there that I needed an extra suitcase. This recipe was definitely a turning point in my career and I have to pay respect to him for that.’, 'This is another astonishing Amazonian find. ', 'There's an area in Tokyo called Kappabashi, or Kitchen Town, that is packed with cook shops. This particular species of chicken is hard to come by, but is the tastiest in Asia. The flour is milled from durum wheat and more finely ground than most Western-style wholewheat versions. I couldn’t believe how precise the result was – the rice wasn’t overdeveloped or wet and sloppy at all. I've noticed over the years that the tastiest food always seems to come from places near the sea. It’s not outrageously spicy, but has a beautiful fruity sort of heat.’, ‘I remember the first time I sat at the counter of a Japanese restaurant in New York, I was amazed by their use of an open fire. Drink at midnight beside a bonfire, holding the hand of a beautiful woman.’, ‘Before grilling my pig cuts, I rub them with this pollen while listening to Alfredo Catalani’s La Wally opera and his aria Ebben? It’s not bitter at all, but there’s a playful sour note, and it makes a very rich buttery chocolate.’, ‘These translate as ‘ants with a large ass’. I add to my collection every time I visit.’, ‘Bread is a passion of mine, and I picked up some woven bread baskets a few years ago. ', 'I'm a fan of Alessi, particularly this grater. It makes an incredibly striking impact due to its grey-black flesh and juicy texture.’, ‘Arita was the first place in Japan to produce porcelain, about 400 years ago. I love the very nutty taste. Find the best recipe ideas, videos, healthy eating advice, party ideas and cooking techniques from top chefs, shows and experts.
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