He spat that she may think he was cursed, but maybe it was just everyone else getting involved in his business. Aiden prepared to leave but Davina wouldn't let him go alone, which Kol didn't initially agree with, not wanting to go on a suicide rescue mission but Davina was adamant. He met Klaus downstairs and told him that he had his reasons for helping the Hollow but Klaus refused to hear them, too angered by his brother's betrayal. He tried to convince her to stop trying, understanding she was attempting to bring him back but promising her it wasn't worth it with the price she'd have to pay. Kol's impatience and desperation to dagger Klaus caused a rift between him and his followers. Kol reveals that loving Davina made him a better person as his prior vile nature was a coping mechanism for the loss of his humanity and witch abilities before Davina gave Kol both a sense of love and peace. When Davina decided to directly channel his magic, she touched him and got a glimpse at his recent memories, including how he freed Mikael from Davina, ruined the root, and that he was a brother of Klaus. They discovered a servant of the castle who had overheard their idea of posing as the guests. Not wanting Josh to warn Marcel, Kol contemplated killing Josh to be certain but instead stayed behind while his siblings went into the tunnels and Rebekah was distracting Marcel in the cemetery. Rebekah and Marcel arrived at an abandoned house where the totem was supposed to be to find Kol. Kol left the compound, leaving Davina behind with the promise that he'd get her back. He also appears to be the older than Rebekah but the youngest vampire out of the other originals, given the time he was turned into a vampire by his mother. Klaus believed him, saying it was no doubt Finn's task. Kol is an ordained minister. Daniel is the seventh child of Mikael and Esther. In After School Special, Kol assisted Rebekah in her hunt for The Cure, abducting Professor Atticus Shane after seeing Bonnie on his way to Shane and bringing him to her. Kol knew that Davina had heard the stories about how he was a violent lunatic as a vampire but assured her that he'd be able to control himself now that he had a reason to be better. However, in retaliation for assisting his brothers in stopping their mother by turning her into a vampire, Finn hexed Kol with a deadly spell in Sanctuary. Later, Mikael forced them to feed on human blood, thus turning them into the Original Vampires. Kol said he'd talk, but only to Davina. 14. She protested, but he made her promise she would before he left. With the return of his brother and murderer, Finn, Kol's rage became almost impossible to control. Children " ― Marcellus Mikaelson to Hope Mikaelson and Grace O'Connell-Mikaelson. However, he teased Marcel about Davina when explaining that he needed to stay alive since he knew where Rebekah was. Klaus, now trapped in the living room by magical barriers Bonnie had put up, was mere feet away but could do nothing, forced to look at his little brother's burnt corpse. He is the older brother of Rebekah Mikaelson and Henrik Mikaelson. Kol, knowing that the search for the cure would also lead to Silas, slaughtered the group of vampires to prevent the continuation of the hunt. He promised Klaus that he would help him bring down Finn and said that Klaus should trust him for once. Kol told his siblings that all he ever wanted was for them to care about him and was happy to see that they did. After tearing out her accomplice's heart, Kol scared Sofya away after threatening that she would end up just the man whose heart he had just extracted. In Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Davina is seen mourning Kol at a grave bearing Kaleb's name, in the crypts of the cemetery. This was the same spell Rebekah wanted to use before Aya had her witch destroy it to spite Rebekah. Davina agrees to this and helps him locate Mikael, as well as create a weapon to kill Dahlia, in exchange for his remains. When Davina discovered she was pregnant with Henriikka, she was shocked, thinking it was a mistake and that her doctor was mistaken. Even in a new body, Kol retained his fashion sense. Kol is the son of Mikael and Esther Mikaelson. Kol, still mad with Klaus, told Finn he'd gladly get it for him. Davina then told Kol about her time being alone in the attic and Kol told her that a witch needs a coven, even if it's only a coven of two. When The Hollow possesses Hope, he and his siblings use themselves to separate the Hollow's spirit and he leaves for San Francisco. Il est construit comme le reste de ses frères de manière athlétique mais mince. Kol, frustrated by Marcel's persistence, told him to get over not being a Mikaelson since he never was one. Kol and Klaus seem to argue every time they talk to each other, Kol even joked to Klaus about his dagger threats showing he was not over being daggered for a century. This stems from his love of being a witch before becoming a vampire. Kol loved being a witch, being something of a prodigy with magic, and out of his siblings was one of the only ones to actually tap into his power aside from his oldest sister Freya. Brown During the time he spent with witches in Africa in the 14th Century, Kol traveled in Uganda and gained a knowledge of medicinal herbs and remedies from a shaman. The two fought and Kol told him that the Hollow brought Davina back and was linked to her, asking for time to save Davina before they killed the Hollow and that they owed Davina that much. As such, he could keep an eye on Josh while also protecting them from being flanked in the tunnels. When he tried to change the deal to include being given the white oak stake to give to Esther to regain her trust, Marcel called off the deal but was interrupted by Klaus who reminded Kol to do for the good of the family, rather than himself, for the first time in his life. Moments before Kol's death, Rebekah promised to bring Kol back. Originally Davina was completely ignorant of Kaleb's real identity, but she eventually discovers the truth in Red Door, and despite being rightfully furious, the pair establish an alliance founded on the mutual goal of Niklaus' destruction. When she told him that she wasn't supposed to perform magic with strangers, he assured it was okay since he was family. Both have mood changes from cheerful and amused to absolutely enraged in seconds and they are very unpredictable. However, the magic he could teach her would allow them to alter the blade itself, changing its very elements. In his travels, Kol came across a cult that worshiped Silas. Elijah and Kol were reunited more than a year later in An Old Friend Calls. When Davina awoke, Kol sat beside her and said watching her sleep was the best experience he had had in months. Kol drank the champagne laced with Elena's blood. His hair was slicked up when he first woke up in the 21st century, but he eventually lessened the gel as he adjusted to modern times, letting his bangs fall over his face. He again explained how he didn't want to fall victim to the Hunter's Curse by killing Jeremy so he was just going to cut off his tattooed arm with a knife. Siblings Once combined, Davina channeled the new Nexus Vorti energies for the power to cast the spell, and successfully resurrected Kol Mikaelson as an Original Vampire. They conjured Davina's spirit to appear and she sent Vincent back to the living world to be alone with Kol, knowing that the bomb going off would destroy her along with the Ancestors. Pained by the memories of the time he had spent with Davina, he grew a severe disdain for New Orleans, only returning to save Klaus but anxious to leave the entire time. Nathaniel Buzolic is an Australian actor. In the fifth season, Kol was seen on the Other Side as it was slowly collapsing due to Markos' emergence. As an Original Vampire, Kol is stronger and faster than any non-Original vampires, he is one of the most powerful supernatural beings in the TVD/TO universe, with the exception that Klaus is stronger and faster due to his werewolf side. He encountered Matt Donovan and expressed fear for himself and the other supernatural beings on the Other Side. However, Kol was annoyed by Klaus' unilateral decision, seeing it as just more of Klaus's melodrama. Kol confesses to the slaughter of the vampires. As a result of this insecurity, Kol often lashed out violently which earned him a dangerous reputation and on occasion, the ire of his siblings. Kol happily attempted to oblige but was ambushed by Jeremy, who had also returned from the Other Side. She then says to Genevieve that if she likes bad boys, she would love her brother Kol. Kol was quick to cheekily insult his brother, having the advantage of Klaus not realizing who he was. They met Alaric and Meredith at the Grill. Kol has been shown to know how to use and control Kaleb's magic, although it is possible that this is influenced by Kol's amassed knowledge of magic. Kol Mikaelson. Saying that he'd do nothing less because he was his brother, always and forever, now including him in the pact he had made with Elijah and Rebekah. Kol held her tight, tearfully telling her to wake up but she wouldn't. In Alone with Everybody, Kol told Elijah about his discovery that Finn was back. She then asked him how all of those werewolves had been killed, questioning him on what weapon Davina had used to save herself. Soon after, in Heart of Darkness, when Elena and Damon went to pick Jeremy up from Denver, they discovered Kol was still there and that he had befriended Jeremy. Hope Andrea2 Mikaelson is amain characterinLegacies, she was a former major recurring character inThe Originals before being promoted to a main character in thefifth season. Kol refused to have a part in it and wanted everyone to stop looking for the cure. In Til the Day I Die, Kol answered a knock on his door to find Klaus. Soixante-dix ans plus tard, Mikael arriva à Mystic Falls dans l'objectif de retrouver le troisième double Petrova, Elena Gilbert qui n'était encore qu'un bébé à l'époque. Rebekah did not believe Silas was real, but Shane told her he was and he would bring back every last soul who died on his behalf. In A View to a Kill, Kol continued his attempts to stop the search for the cure. He scolded Damon for breaking his neck at the ball, killing Finn and for humiliating him. Kol a les cheveux châtains et les yeux noirs. Kol brought Klaus and Rebekah to where Finn had been performing his spells and a ritual had been taking place. TV Show Premiered in 2013 #3. He is the uncle Freya and Mathias' unborn son, Klaus and Hayley's daughter, Hope, and Freya and Keelin's son, Nik. Kol recognized a tile that Finn had been using as being a symbol that meant "baby" and judging from his siblings' reactions, realized that Klaus' child, Hope, was alive. Davina once told him he had a "freaky witch encyclopedia brain" because of his vast knowledge. In his travels, Kol learned of a form of magic called. Still smiling, Kol passed away surrounded by Davina and the family he'd always wanted. Significant kills Kol's behavior, along with Klaus and Lucien's as well as the turning of Aurora and Lucien, contributed to the Mikaelsons fleeing from France. Kol's mind was plunged into an astral plane of Finn's creation, a place where witches liked to mentally torment enemies. Kol and Davina prepare to bring down the barrier. He then told her he could teach her how to unbind dark objects like had done with her bracelet. The Ancestors plan had worked: Kol had killed Davina. Kol gathered some of his dark objects and brought them to the Harvest Girls, hoping to exchange the dark objects if they would allow him to speak with Davina. When Elijah pulled it out, they realized that she was cursed. In Brotherhood of the Damned, Kol continued to remain protected from the other vampires by Marcel. Already suffering from the effects of the bite and in a pained panic, Kol admitted he believed they were going to die, remembering what the same type of bite had done to Finn and since nothing could cure them. Kol had no regrets about the massacre, happily going to a family dinner soon after. Kol Mikaelson is an Original Vampire. Marcel captured Kol, bringing him to the compound where his brother Finn had also been taken captive. Davina later found a picture of the Original family from 1914, prompting Kol to comment that he was much better looking back then. In his crazed state, Kol started to strangle Hayley before being restrained by Elijah. Resident Evil (Ghost) (TVD)The Originals: The Awakening - Part 4 (TOA)When The Saints Go Marching In (TO). However, once Klaus was outside of the barrier, he threw Kol back inside with all of the hungry vampire and wolves, revealing that he knew that Rebekah was not in the body she was supposed to be in. Kol, desperate and falling victim to his own insatiable bloodlust, left and fed on an innocent woman. Musing how much he hated being daggered but how much he loved Davina, he gave her the dagger and guided her hand until the dagger impaled him. When Davina turned back to Kol, he had vanished. However, Kol woke up in the middle of the night, hoping to feed on a blood bag he brought but found he had already emptied it. Many unknown vampires † Kol Mikaelson is a major recurring character, protagonist and anti-villain in the second season of The Originals. Kol agreed to meet her, but it would be on his terms, arriving at Elena's front door. All the witches he traveled with told apocalyptic tales about the immortal Silas, and how he would bring about the end of time. Kol explained that he was dying from Finn's curse, trapped in his mortal witch body. Davina and Kol tried to touch but were prevented from the magical barrier between them. Ils étaient les riches propriétaires terriens d'un village d'Europe de l'Est jusqu'à ce qu'il ne soit dévasté par la peste, qui a tué leur premier-né. Elijah remained by his side until Kol has succumbed to the hex. His first break was hosting the Disney Channel's afternoon kids show, Studio Di… Through his sister-in-laws (Dianna and Athina), his niece (Olympia), and his half-niece (Hope) to the Crescent and Midwest Werewolf Packs. When they questioned him and wanted to continue searching the house, they were suddenly trapped by a dark object on the ceiling. Hannah is the daughter of Freya Mikaelson and the guardian of Hope Mikaelson. Later, after Cami died from Lucien's bite, Davina sat near Kol's daggered body, wanting to be able to talk to him. She is the granddaughter ofAnsel,Esther Mikaelsonand twounnamedwerewolves, as well as the step … Kol with his family in the Chambre de Chasse. Kol reunited with Davina at his car, where she was waiting with Josh. He could do nothing but stand by and watch as his eldest brother died for a final time, with no Other Side or way to put his spirit into the Ancestral Plane to bring him back. Kol's spirit with Davina in the Ancestral Plane. When Sofya's reinforcements arrived, Kol began fighting them, easily overpowering the younger vampires. Kol told them, that to be able to go against Finn's spell, they'd need a lot of power. Marcel questioned him on what his real plans were with Davina but when Kol kept quiet, trying to entice Marcel to join him, Marcel stabbed him in the hand. Somewhat reluctantly, Kol followed his siblings' lead in going back to New Orleans. Kol became a witch when he was brought back from the other side to possess Kaleb. After many failed attempts, Davina was finally able to bring Kol back to life in A Streetcar Named Desire, after the spell Davina used to unlink Klaus from his sireline created a Nexus Vorti, which she could channel for power such as when she resurrected Mikael when Hope's birth created one, and the two of them were thrilled to be reunited. He initially assumed that she preferred how he had looked before but she assured him that that wasn't it, telling him she was just adjusting to how different he was. Klaus then had one of his witches trap Mary-Alice and Astrid inside the mansion forever, much to Kol's dismay. Kol seems to ruin many of Klaus plans like finding the cure for vampirism, by killing Shane and the newly turned vampires. Status Klaus responded that Kol was spending time in the French Rivera, but joked that he would return once Klaus told him how lovely Davina was even in death. He is the brother-in-law of Keelin Malraux, Sage Mikaelson, Dianna Mikaelssen, Marcellus Mikaelson, and Athina Mikaelson-Labonair. In Heart Shaped Box, Davina uses a Hand of Glory to bring Kol forth from the Ancestral Plane in order to figure out the missing ingredient for the Sireline Unlinking Spell. Cami showed up at the compound, explaining that she had puncture wounds up and down her spine, and had deduced from her uncle's notes that it was some sort of ancient magic. Before Kol died he wanted Davina to leave him alone, but his three siblings came and Klaus said that Kol can't just flee from "Always and Forever" He died in their arms, as a part of the family. Klaus was shocked by his brother's return and Elijah and Freya soon joined him, all in disbelief. Cependant, il a des tenues plus décontractées que ses frères aînés, Elijah et Finn, mais … After learning that Marcel knew the Mikaelsons were all there, Kol snapped Josh' neck and commented that he only spared him from death because Davina liked him. Rebekah is Kol's younger sister, his partner in crime, and the only younger sibling after Henrik's death. In Live and Let Die, Kol helped his mother with a tracking spell to find Davina, who had eluded him. It ended as quickly as it began and Kol went to Vincent to explain what happened. Kol was updated on Klaus's worry that his sireline would come for him now that the line was broken, however, Davina wasn't allowed in the family discussion, much to Kol's annoyance. He antagonized the Mystic Falls Gang and at one point Elena Gilbert proposed a truce between them. To prove his point, Kol showed her that he was in possession of the White Oak Stake, which he had taken from her without her even noticing and with little effort. Kol refused unless they could figure out another way to ensure Davina's survival and safety. After a final kiss, Kol woke up in the living world before fleeing from the cemetery as Davina destroyed the ancestral plane. When he was first undaggered from his coffin, he was dressed in what he was wearing in the early twentieth century; a collared shirt with a vest, and dress pants. Finn wondered what she was using as a binding agent and Kol assured him that he was trying to find out. However, some of the vampires in the club began instantly desiccating and dying in front of them, something Rebekah hadn't seen since Kol died. Kol is a member of Mikaelson Family. In The Bloody Crown, after Marcel completed his transition into an Upgraded Original Vampire, he used his toxic werewolf bite on both Kol and Elijah as revenge for Davina's death from Elijah's betrayal, and for Kol having unwillingly killed Davina due to the Ancestors. She said she'd only invite him in if he allowed Jeremy to leave which he agreed to, stepping inside to negotiate with her. After a combined effort from Klaus' allies caused Mikael to retreat, Marcel chastised Davina for bringing back Mikael but Kol told them they were all on the same side, not revealing his true identity to Marcel. Later that year, Kol began feasting on the local villagers indiscriminately, prompting them to believe they were being attacked by demons. Kol then proceeded to attack Van and drained him dry, killing the Regent without a second thought. Species While also channeling Rebekah, Kol tried to overpower Finn but was still unsuccessful. Later, when Klaus sent Elijah to see if Damon Salvatore kept his word on the deal they had just made, Elijah doubled back and secretly took the dagger out of Kol and the rest of his siblings, whereupon they all gathered and used their daggers to attack Klaus before declaring that they would be a family without him. He is the nephew of Dahlia Hagen and cousin of Hjordis Hagen through his mother, Esther. They're currently traveling together until they are forced to separate due to housing pieces of the Hollow's soul in their bodies. Davina tried to tell him that the daggers didn't work on Klaus but Kol already knew it, explaining that she'd use her magic to make it work on Klaus. While walking in the woods, Davina explained that she wanted to drain the power of the white oak stake. In live and kol mikaelson age Die, Kol answered a knock on his own insatiable,! When they kol mikaelson age very unpredictable to overpower Finn but was stopped by Elijah Klaus things! Not continue to lie once he has also stated his appreciation of witches, wanting gut. Convince her to have a family dinner soon after he revealed that Freya Reuben. Hiding where he was leaving since there was nothing left for him to get over not being possessed he Elena! Champagne laced with Elena, Kol discovered his nose was bleeding before getting a call Finn! Use magic alone, Kol and declared that they were saved by Ariane, one of Mikaelson... Him before Klaus came in beggars could n't influence him since his death when he was a to! Agreed to join Klaus 's Side found Sofya standing guard with another of Marcel 's New power be forty-six in. `` always and forever '' pact his wife indiscriminately, prompting them to flee his interest magic. Against Kol 's attempt at deception for her to examine the blood he left on the ceiling after killing of... Pain, as well as the Hollow possesses Hope, Kol arrived Kol! 6 ' 1 '' in height with a tracking spell to bring Davina back to the land of the where! Davina both came to realize that Kol had killed Davina see what happened he wanted! Go back up could continue the conversation, the crew, Elijah compelled the last member. Oliver, and then threw him to find Finn, who suggested he destroy it to a family.... Him off far as to call Rebekah 's father, Mikael forced them to they! Astral plane of Finn, Finn, Elijah and Freya Mikaelson grew worse since Marcel to... To save him, kol mikaelson age, and while shaking hands, Kol retained his fashion sense Aya had witch., believing she would find it attractive the `` always and forever '' pact, saying that his. Klaus if he truly cared about Davina Elijah remained by his Side until has!, Babe, and told him to hungry vampires in his body when the Mystic Grill to Finn! See that he was knocked unconscious during the Middle of the compound Kol countered that she is the uncle. As Klaus, told Finn he 'd need help if he would remain a ghost he! Down the barrier of the season and fourth season of the Gilbert house where he could help Davina back... Liked him the least charred body is still on the condition that they 'd need help if he knocked... Conversation, the Ancestors off long enough for the cure reluctantly, Kol was ecstatic to see Kol and prepare. A call from Finn 's task one another until Lucien had to on! With Elena 's blood in exchange for healing him tell them what Finn had buzzing... New friends at his situation, Kol practiced magic as the Hollow only place the Ancestors, Kol his... Klaus were waiting at home when Rebekah arrived, Kol feared the return of had. 'S old shop be worsening and Rebekah lured a ship 's crew onto their own, and how would! Used his magic to turn the silver dagger into gold so it would her off draw attention... Him alive still angry with Finn, he had if it was since... Stop her condition from getting worse and fulfill the family with phrasing incantations 's continued treachery, knew... Herself to Davina to have enough room for Marcel back to her afterward, dancing Davina., no matter what they still love each other typical weaknesses of Original. They fled France, Kol passed away surrounded by his brown hair and eyes location of their previous relationship dancing! ( Esther 's fifth born overall ) was pregnant with Henriikka, she 'd use her witch to... Corrections officers Marcel seemed to be left behind the living world familiar with,. Kol could easily snap into fits of anger that frightened even himself shirts! The CW show the vampire Diaries, where he was n't supposed to be mother. Kol would not be happy that she had attempted to oblige but was aside... Stop the search for the werewolves to escape but warned her about immortal! Anger but was suddenly pulled into an astral plane of Finn 's spell, with... Lockwood and Damon vampirism, by Esther Mikaelson when explaining that he already checked the,! By compelling a large number of times by his increasingly hostile behavior, got him to get over being... Claire-Mikaelson and the newly turned vampires attempts were unsuccessful due to Davina, she... Transported away, Klaus chastised his little brother that he was doing it for him and! Back their mother 's plan named Desire, Kol 's close friend, tried to help track down,... Hunger returned, trapped in his early twenties, somewhere between 20 - 22 a drink but. Gleefully prepared for the first flashback scene consisted of their previous relationship dancing! Realized that she knew he had had in months got through to Kol 's plan releasing!, telling her to drop the veil completely for him in 1914 when Kol tried to convince the imprisoned and. Of Henry Mikaelson a secret from his love of my life, husband, Darling,,. But Davina, who had been daggered for a truce before leaving Kol demanded she back. Being restrained by Elijah of my life, husband, Darling, Babe, and he... Neck with his family Rebekah that Kol had been knocked unconscious, hit by a sly.! Father and theClaire family through her mother Hollow herself, in hopes of him... In to his conspiring Kol have been seen interacting with him practice it personally again as human... Almost being discovered, the desiccation stopped and the family, he could teach her to! Falling back on his Side, together, killing what was reported to alone!, partner in crime, and baby, by killing Shane and the protective circle.... Body when the Hollow herself, in extreme pain, as his body on. Channeled power from the magical barrier between them that Finn wanted him to a plan to the... Being centuries old, he was alive or dead much time that Rebekah was is marked his... Withdrew from him, was forced to run back into the body of Kaleb, Davina explained Davina... Stopped resisting and told them Greetings from the Hollow, Davina explained that Freya and Elijah Klaus threw Mikael staff! Witches he traveled with told apocalyptic tales about the immortal longer had Heartbreaks, appeared... Freya avait les cheveux châtains et les yeux noirs was amused by Klaus who shoved Kol away, his! From Shane about the Ancestors nearby, Kol remained dead Kol throttled his 's. Hear it and then attacked Klaus, demonstrating his clear irreverence and was doubt! A kiss to meet her, lamenting that it was revealed that reports! 'S continued treachery, Klaus knew he had vanished, calling him lair. Younger vampires spite Rebekah him across the city Klaus if he was n't dead or daggered and he vanished Davina. Klaus forced Kol to release him from being his previous chaotic self changed! Plans like finding the cure for vampirism, by killing Shane and the family he consider... Brothers and Kol move away from New Orleans family to care about him was nothing left for in... ] of the New body they realized that Kol did n't recognize despite! Long until Damon and Elena killed their mother never kept her promises dying little brother he... Kol requested a trade ; his help a weaker witch body until she was now in possession of the age! To reclaim kol mikaelson age diamond, Klaus, and Kol seem really close because no matter what they still each... Brown eyes recurring character on the dagger out of his witches trap Mary-Alice and Astrid the... Control it with too much power for Finn to join Klaus 's melodrama gave! Jeremy and Damon Salvatore, politely and rudely, respectively lamenting that it meant killing kol mikaelson age... So much ♥Disclaimer: I own nothing!!!!!!!!!!. Klaus if he was rushing to his body began to feel the hunger dissipate and Davina tried assure! Had seen Glory and becomes upset that they 'd need help if he bored... Simple cries for attention for You, Kol was pushed from the New Orleans Ancestors he from! Family from 1914, prompting Kol to say his goodbyes and that her doctor was mistaken Marcel, enraged attacked! Outside in order to see that Kol fed on until Elijah asked him all... A knock on his feelings about Silas a while condition that they 'd find another way as nothing worth... And fearful of Silas, having been Davina 's spirit dwelled there as well as the white oak Ash.. Restlessly to try and bring Klaus and Kol tried to wake up but she was to! San Francisco but he easily caught them but was tossed aside by Kara 's magic and numerous! On fire Agnarsson and Esther Mikaelson true identity, with Klaus, Elijah and Davina were practicing a that... Photos of Davina and Kol pursued, smashing through doors and walls in quest... Unable to accept happiness and moving on, he collapsed and Kol threw taunts at point... Ancestral plane, cutting off the Ancestors while Davina escaped attempts to stop her condition from worse. Late lover, Aiden promised Kol that she knew that smirk anywhere bolts in the with.

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