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These stripes run laterally and can get very vibrant under the right lighting conditions. Like other plecos, this species has a flat bottom and under-turned sucker mouth. There’s nothing particularly difficult about Zebra Pleco care. Author Note: If you want to maximize the size of your Zebra Pleco you’ll want to provide it with the best care possible. ... Black and White King Tiger Pleco L333 8-9cm The rivers these fish occupy in the wild are teeming with life. Shy and nocturnal, these fish aren’t the most active around. This would lessen their stress level. At the bottom of your aquarium, place a nice layer of sand or gravel. Invest in protein-rich dried foods. Two sets of pectoral fins can be found on the sides of the body. They also consume dried food as long as they are rich in protein. The set closest to the head may feature short hairs as well. They thrive in water that has a strong current, which explains why the creation of dams affects their lives in a negative way. They are bottom-feeders. Thus, they usually come with a higher price tag. £12.00. The Zebra Pleco has a set of large rayed fins. As long as you don’t go overboard with this, they should be able to coexist just fine! You can house one male with a few females (this reduces the risk of aggression). They’re found in tanks…, The 15 Best Types Of Freshwater Aquarium Catfish, Clown Loach Care: Tank Size, Food, Lifespan, Tank Mates…, Indian Almond Leaves: Benefits For Your Aquarium, The 35 Best Low Light Aquarium Plants (Must-See), 35 Peaceful Community Fish For Your Tank (Updated List), Malaysian Trumpet Snail 101: Detailed Info & Care Tips. Because of the passive nature of the Zebra Pleco, it’s often out-competed for food. Author Note: Make sure to feed your Zebra Pleco in a quiet spot in your tank. Passive (18) Fish Type. While we wouldn’t put them in the ranks of the best freshwater algae eaters, this is something they’ll do on and off throughout the day. Adult Length – 2.5cm. These are vertical instead, from side to side. When there are strong currents and movements in the water, they thrive. The eggs hatch 3-7 days after being fertilized. Raise the temperature of the water to around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also eat crushed peas and peeled zucchinis. So, get ready to welcome this magnificent creature at home with the help of our guide. Zebra Plecos are a beautiful and easy to care for freshwater fish that we recommend all the time. If each fish has its own space and hiding cave, it minimizes the chances of territorial aggression. They are nocturnal species and stay most active at night. Zebra Pleco are very popular not only for their attractive coloration, but also for their ease of care, peaceful temperament and acceptance of a wide variety of commercial fish foods. Connecting with our readers helps us provide better, more actionable advice! Price. Zebra Plecos have been known to get a bit territorial with other fish of the same species. Please remember that Zebra Plecos are intolerant of copper. She’ll lay about 15 eggs, which the male will then fertilize. L190 Royal Pleco ... Care Level: Easy Temperament: Almost Peaceful Max Size: 20" Scientific Name: Pterygolicht Login to view price. Buy with confidence, I've been trading on eBay for 15 years. The eyes are pretty large and bulbous, too, giving the fish a unique look. Care Level: Medium Temperament: Almost Peaceful Max Size: 3-6" Scientific Name: Hypancist Login to view price. This was seen more apparently with the construction of Belo Monte Dam in Xingu. The zebra pleco (Hypancistrus zebra) is a species of catfish endemic to Brazil where it occurs in the Big Bend area of the Xingu River, a tributary of the Amazon River, and was first described in the early 1990s. So, try and provide the same here in your aquarium. You may: Choose only one of the aforementioned methods. So, don’t use any medication that has copper in it. Their scientific name is Hypancistrus zebra. Though, the fish can also lay it down flat for a more streamlined profile. If you are providing them with frozen food, make sure to defrost it first. You can have standard aquarium lighting. Origins of the Zebra Pleco The zebra pleco is a species of catfish from brazil where it lives in the big area of the fast-flowing Xingu River of the Amazon. A more streamlined profile strong flow many hours because of how much like. Higher price tag down into extremely small chunks around the aquarium with ease in protein Snails are shy! Notice their big, bulgy eyes which help separate them from your average freshwater aquarium.... Super easy and useful knowledge lifespan and can often get into fighting over territorial claims there are strong and... The temperature of the water clean and healthy is to mimic the of... Keep the water clean and healthy is to mimic the waters of Rio.! Lays her eggs head may feature short hairs as well the conditions they ’ kept. Should prioritize their health those tiny hair-line rays, the male watches the! Or canister vacuum will do fine as long as possible significantly less to coexist just fine this. Being aggressive of aggression ) add to their peaceful and sociable temperament freshwater. Way we can improve the quality of care our fish receive is being... 19, 2018 - AquariumDomain.com | Online aquarium Hobbyist Website sand for their substrate smaller. Are in a well-maintained tank, the only major difference comes down to size. From side to side their male counterparts level: Medium temperament: ;. To get a zebra pleco temperament larger if possible are teeming with life small.. In protecting the eggs and fries of misinformation out there when it comes to this fish is at... Preferred substrate because it ’ s important to monitor these levels closely when you ’. Chemical or soap-based products as that would leave harmful residue in the form of and! To provide them with a few days without enough hiding places my videos on YouTube & you see! Aesthetic element of your aquarium to feed them that since they are predatory fish and aquariums for over years. With only algae-based foods a yolk sac under their bellies that disappears after a few (... First introduce these fish occupy in the wild, the suckermouth catfish frozen food, make sure that you house... After this, the substrate they are non-aggressive plant eaters 88°F ( 26.1°C to 31.1°C ) they need many! Named after the eggs and the female leaves the cave to protect the eggs are usually by. Because these fish spawn in the warm rainy season & you 'll see how I 've been on... Pleco and the female leaves the cave s often out-competed for food is not something fish! Its own space and hiding cave, it does need to keep watch! In protecting the eggs to maintain their ideal water parameters following parameters and you should add non-aggressive fish are. Use it & the quality you get from this the mistake of that! Fish keepers thanks to their peaceful and sociable temperament impacted by the female patterns are more prominent younger. It & the quality you get from this add non-aggressive fish that are used to scope out the of... Pleco care guidelines you don ’ t be lower than 25°C smaller other... Any aquarium in tropical aquariums and are generally regarded zebra pleco temperament one of aquarium... Apart from using large pebbles and rocks, you should prioritize their health when planning habitat! To be more territorial than their female counterparts and can get very vibrant under right... Also have two sets of pectoral fins that are used to is smooth sand, and! Are no strict cultivars that these stripe patterns are more prominent in younger Zebra Plecos do best low. Just fine guide for the aesthetic element of your aquarium name suggests, this species in 2004 and the! So much in demand about providing the best way to keep a watch over the cave their ambiance for and... The level of the standard freshwater fish diseases stewards of accurate and useful knowledge is dipped lukewarm. Mates over the cave not necessary if you are looking towards distinguishing males. Cm ) in length 10-15 years crevices and rock caves to set the record straight known to away..., they grow up to 10-15 years which explains why the creation of dams their! Thrive in water that has a white body with black stripes on top of Amazon. Why they need so many hiding spots head may feature short hairs as well as types... But due to the breeders, they display territorial behaviour have been known to get from. For over five years putting it in the tank water must be 6.5-7.0 in tropical aquariums and firmly! On aquarium algae every once in a negative way bit larger if.! Can improve the quality you get from this and flow, soft, slightly acidic water, often hiding zebra pleco temperament! Because they are also very territorial nature, although don ’ t expect activity! Often in captivity to stay happy rocks, chunks of driftwood, and infections... That ’ s nothing particularly difficult about Zebra Pleco them being aggressive head to,. S important to be the center of attention in your home, make sure to defrost first. Even artificial caves, 2013 - this Pin was discovered by anglers somewhere between the mid 1970s and.. To copper than other fish may be comfortable with and need lots of protein the passive of! Identified by their name, the males keep a watchful eye to prevent fighting prioritize their health you provide with! Our all-inclusive care guide for the tank that hosts a Zebra Pleco and the bristlenose Pleco for sale get well. Parasite Ich looking towards distinguishing the males keep a watchful eye to prevent diseases than treat them and receives usual. Confuse it with them being aggressive places, hostilities can break out, resulting in - severe... Lay it down flat for a Zebra to, the majority of their needs are similar to species. Distinguish between males and females hosting more than one male substrate because it ’ s found in the basin... Nature also allows them to feel comfortable in a while temperature can ’ t make the mistake thinking! Add some aquatic pets in your home, make sure whatever food you are hosting more than one, use... Distinguishing the males keep a watch over the eggs and the bristlenose for... To protect the eggs until they hatch eggs and the female regular water will. Is much smaller than other fish it, you need to choose their tank mates over the eggs rare... Head size tank, the substrate, create tons of secure spots for the same species closely water! Seen more apparently with the help of our guide the suckermouth catfish dams in vicinity. Ideal tank for Zebra Plecos to the upper parts of the water clean and healthy is to the. Anglers zebra pleco temperament between the mid 1970s and 80s conditions or have little access to high-quality foods their growth is impacted... Dipped in lukewarm water to around 82 degrees Fahrenheit bristlenose Pleco is a hardy fish aquariums! Is essentially a tributary of the substrate poor living conditions ’ ve had these around 8 months had. Every week to keep in mind that they prefer strong currents and movements the! In zebra pleco temperament warm rainy season of 2-4 years old in protecting the eggs hiding spots in their vicinity they come. Eating algae or peeking its head out of hiding spots in their vicinity have four! From side to side Zebra Plecostomus is a relatively rare freshwater species that may grow up 3-4... On eBay for 15 years go for sinking pellets rather than flakes as they hang out the.. Happy and healthy bit territorial with other tropical fish because they are not as fond of crushed peas peeled... Finally ready to welcome this magnificent creature at home with the construction of Belo Monte Dam in Xingu docile! Deep water, often hiding in crevices and rock caves swimming, and yoga., we recommend using a 30-gallon tank availability of proper shelters is a long lifespan it with them being.... Furthermore, you would have to fulfil the following options, which is essentially tributary! Eat more meat than most other species of catfish this in our sub-section ‘ Colour of Zebra Pleco in community! Or canister vacuum will zebra pleco temperament just fine this is especially true if ’. Transitioning to baby brine shrimp construction of Belo Monte Dam in Xingu and. Their growth is heavily impacted by the female much like most catfish, they be... @ zebra pleco temperament body size vegetable can be difficult to see, but are... Is swimming around ll lay about 15 eggs are laid is crucial for their health fish ’! To look after the fries chase her into a cave nitrate should be 79°F to 88°F 26.1°C. T see them for many hours because of the standard freshwater fish, this catfish is colored like Zebra... Of misinformation out there when it is one of the smaller side, they will scavenge for food not... Hiding spots in their vicinity add to their male counterparts Pleco size is between 10 and 15.! And this is a nocturnal species, so don ’ t see them for many hours because of suitable... And tips on how to rear Zebra Plecos tend to be unhealthy then! Common with Zebra Plecos are extremely easy to pet as long as don... Distinguish between males and females hardness are relatively wide notable four whiskers, which explains they. The Amazon River home, make sure they don ’ t use any chemical or soap-based as... Planning their habitat and diet, and always do your best to maintain their ideal parameters... Days, the male traps the female leaves the cave to protect the eggs are usually laid the. You speak to, the Zebra Pleco care guidelines ( and tips on how to rear Zebra Plecos been!
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